The thesis explores the Egyptian Popular Committee in Solidarity with the Palestinian J nti fada in reference to contemporary theories of social movements. It attempts to analyze the EPCSP from two perspectives. One is by discussing the objectives, internal structure and activities of the committee in light of the characteristics of new social movements and the other is by analyzing resources mobilized by the committee such as the alliance of different political trends, the integration of professional syndicates into the different activities, the establishment of branches of the committee in various governorates and the use of advanced technology in enhancing the role of the EPCSPI. Those resources are explained in reference to the Resource Mobilization Theo1y, which is an attempt to explain con temporary social movements. Interviews with different members of the committee were conducted and recent articles were reviewed to explore the committee. The findings of the thesis conclude that the EPCSPI could be considered to be a social movement according to the theories used, although there are certain internal and external factors that have led to the stagnation of its activities.


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