Public relations continues to be one of the most difficult to define fields. Many strides have been made in the development of public relations theory in an effort to provide some guidelines for practitioners of the field. Among the field's most prominent theories is the two-way symmetrical communication model. The model was deemed the most ideal and normative theory for practicing public relations. The contingency theory of accommodation proposes an effective and ethical alternative to the two-way symmetrical model of communication.

The telecommunication sector in Egypt is among the country's most dynamic fields and boasts some of the most active public relations practitioners in Egypt. Divided into fixed, land telephony, payphone services and mobile services, it offers fertile ground for research into the applicability of the contingency theory of accommodation in its public relations activities.

A purposive sample of public relations managers and decision makers within the telecommunication sector was considered in the descriptive study proposed in this thesis to offer insight into the possible adoption of the contingency theory of accommodation as a mode of practice for public relations in the service sector.

Based on the study, serious grounds exist for the possible wide applicability of the contingency theory of accommodation as a model of public relations practice in the field of telecommunication in Egypt. The theory offers practitioners more flexibility in dealing with their external publics in general and in cases of conflict with these publics in particular. The study concluded several factors about the practice of public relations in the telecommunication sector and made recommendations to help public relations practitioners in the sector adopt the theory and implement it for smooth public relations activities and conflict resolution.


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Fall 5-10-2005

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Contingency theory (Management)

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Ibn ʻAbdūn, Muhạmmad ibn Ahṃad al-Tujībī.


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