This research deals with four different Arab news satellite Television, particularly three different live political programs broadcast on each of Al Jazeera (The Island), Al Manar (The Beacon), Al Arabiya (The Arabia) and Al Hurra (The Free One). The research discusses whether or not each of these four channels follows a particular political agenda, objective, school of thought and point of view. It also discusses the degree of freedom of speech each channel has, whether or not each has the ability to shape Arab politics and if each has any kind of effect in terms of Democracy in the Arab media. Two methodologies were used in this research; content analysis and in-depth interviews in order to analyze four different aspects; the presenters, topics, guests and public contributions in the three different political programs broadcast on each of the four channels. This was done to compare and understand the ideology of each of the four channels and the distinction between those four aspects on each of them. The conclusion of th.is research proves that each channel is different in terms of content and policy. Each station reflects a specific objective, opinion, school of thought, point of view and agenda either clearly or through the topics and countries frequently covered on its political programs. In addition, no matter how free the channel may appear to be, it still has regulations and restrictions. Apart from that, the conclusion also proves that there are certain effects political programs on Arab satellite television have in terms of shaping Arab politics and in terms of democracy in the Arab media.


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