Depending on the realist theory does not explain accurately the causes of the Turkish Israeli rapprochement. For instance, this theory neglects the nature of demographic and social formation of states in using this concept to explain alliances. The present study uses the Constructivist approach in studying these causes. Constructivists, argue that understanding how actors develop their interests is important in explaining international political phenomenon. To explain interest formation, they focus on the social identities of individuals or states. Identity, makes some countries more attractive than others. The importance of identity for determining who is considered a worthwhile strategic pa1iner is evident in the case of Turkey and Israel. The two countries have a number of orientations and interests in common as well as certain differences in perception and priorities. Turkey's identity is not stable but it is developed and sustained or transformed through interaction. Issues of security and interests undoubtedly affects Turkish foreign policy in the Middle East. Turkish foreign policy toward Syria and Iraq has been shaped by Turkey's identity as affected by its alliance with Israel. The Turkish-Israeli rapprochement leads Turkey to resort to more strict methods in her relations with Syria and Iraq to cope with Kurdish issue, water problem and border dispute.


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