There are different studies that highlight the work of international non­ governmental organizations with refugees. A large number of refugees is produced and received by developing countries. Governments in the Third World _have difficulties in assisting refugees. In the absence of a government role in Egypt, this thesis examines the role of local NGOs in assisting refugees to access their human rights in Cairo. For that purpose, 18 Egyptian NGOs, two international NGOs and the UNHCR Cairo Office were examined. The natures of NGOs, their programs and their activities with refugees are discussed to identify to what extent these activities assist refugees in areas of legal rights, and the right to education and to healthcare. The . thesis sheds light on the challenges and obstacles that face NGOs in providing assistance to refugees. My hypothesis is that the ability of those NGOs to assist refugees to access their rights depends to a large extent on their knowledge about refugee issues, their mission statements, and their financial resources. As NGOs in Egypt do not have long experience in tackling refugee problems, they need professional training and skills to assist refugees. Most existing refugee programs are under-funded, and in extreme cases, the lack of funds affects the continuity and stability of the services provided. The current situation of refugee programs necessitates that donor agencies channel more funds, the UNHCR Cairo coordinates with local NGOs, and NGOs themselves allocate more financial resources for refugee programs.


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