This thesis is a study of an unpublished Indian Album from the Dar al-Kutub al-Masriyya (Egyptian National Library) collection, tarikh farisi, no. 66. The album consists of 70 pages, all with paintings; 36 of them are flower and plant depictions painted especially for the muraqqa(album) and 34 are pasted-in paintings from different origins. It is undated and has no signatures or attributions presented on the pages.

Indian painting is an art that had been only recently studied, although it has

ong been appreciated for its beauty and fanciful iconography. The mid-twentieth century was the beginning of scholarly interest but it was not until the late decades of the century that these studies started to become widespread. The muraqqac can be called "The Twin Muraqqac" as it presents most of its subjects in two facing paintings. The thesis attributes the different paintings to a date and provenance whenever possible, through studying the paintings' styles, colors and subject matter and comparing them to similar paintings. A copy of all the muraqqac paintings is attached to the study as well as comparable paintings for the ease of the reader to.


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