The potential of utilizing the liberalization of financial services for Egypt is great, however it is not yet realized. Egypt has made commitments under the OATS to liberalize its financial sector and therefore it has started its reform program which has been somewhat successful but it still needs deeper institutional reform. Egypt's banking system is still facing some problems as the country's largest banks are still state-owned and controlled, in addition to their suffering from cultural a technical limitations and bad loans. This paper aims to clarify that Egypt's financial liberalization will have a positive effect on economic development. This is undertaken by emphasizing the Chinese experience which is very similar to the Egyptian case. In addition, some policy recommendations are stated for further reform to be a success. Part one to this paper discussed the different theories of development. The second part discussed Egypt's commitments under the GATS and the drawbacks and benefits of trade liberalization especially in the financial services. The third part introduces the different reform approaches which special reference to the Chinese experience in addition to the lessons learned from transition economies. Finally, some policy recommendations are stated for further reform.


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