Business Process Reengineering (BPR) emerged as a performance improvement methodology in 1990. Its objective of radical process redesign to achieve dramatic performance improvements makes it a potential candidate to be applied in most Egyptian companies, especially in the Egyptian private sector that is struggling to upgrade its performance in the new global economy. Although the main problem of BPR is its high probability of failure, which is due to the failure of companies to fulfill all BPR prerequisites, very limited research exists on how to measure the readiness of a company to implement successful BPR programs. The current research addresses the issue of readiness to implement BPR by developing and testing a tool that can be used for this purpose. The BPR readiness tool is applied on a sample of 94 Egyptian private sector companies, thus providing a double benefit of both validating the tool and analyzing BPR readiness in Egypt on a national scale. The research results indicate that the degree of readiness is very low in Egypt, and point to several actions that must be taken at the national level to improve BPR readiness. The results also provide several modifications on the tool, to increase its power in measuring BPR readiness in any context, in an accurate and precise way.


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Lotfi K. Gaafar

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