This thesis identifies antithesis as a major characteristic of the short fiction of Yusuf Idris and William Faulkner and addresses its importance to the style of the fiction as a means of conveying the themes of social and individual conflict. Each author addresses man's struggle ,vith and opposition to social conditions, social mores and social restrictions such as poverty, racism, abuse and conformity. Opposition is crucial to man's discovery of his own identity and to his development in the stories. Idris and Faulkner use opposition in theme, characterization, and setting, and the study defines these elements as emerging from the artistic manipulation of plot and point of view. Antithesis not only adds to the emphasis of the fiction, but also adds effectively to each author's portrayal of cruel and oppressive society and the effect it has on the individual. This critical comparative analysis demonstrates that opposition is a decisive feature in Idris's and Faulkner's short stories and is a crucial component of the artistry of their work. The conclusion will be made that Idris and Faulkner employ opposition to emphasize the theme of personal and social struggle and to provoke the reader into a reevaluation of personal morality and social justice.


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