In direct interconnection networks, the collective communication operation one to all, which is usually refe1Ted to as broadcasting, can be generalized to allow one source node to send a message to a rectangular region of nodes, rather than to all nodes. Most of the proposed routing algorithms for direct mesh and torus networks use a broadcast tree of unicast messages. While the Minimum Spanning Tree tree-based region broadcasting is not deadlock free, unless the network is partitioned into many virtual sub-networks, where the number of virtual channels grows exponentially with the dimension of the network, the Minimum Spanning Tree Safe algorithm is deadlock­free even with one virtual channel. The Minimum Spanning Tree Safe algorithm perfo1ms very well if the source nodes of broadcast messages are part of their broadcast regions; otherwise, broadcast messages may need to be ejected as soon as they reach the first node in their region and then re-injected in order to avoid deadlock. This thesis proposes two versions of the Minimum Spanning Tree region-broadcasting algorithm that are based on the idea of starting always at a comer of a region. The first algorithm uses always a fixed comer, while the second one uses the nearest comer. The two proposed algorithms are deadlock free even when source node is located outside the broadcast region without the need for intermediate ejection and re-injection that is required by the Minimum Spanning Tree Safe. Both algorithms use virtual cut through for buffering blocked packets and can be safely mixed with dimension order unicast routing algorithms. The performance of two dimensional and four dimensional mesh networks was evaluated using the two proposed tree-based broadcast algorithms and compared to other existing algorithms which are: the Recursive Doubling, the Column Path, and the Minimum Spanning Tree Safe. The results obtained are encouragmg.


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