The Arab world experienced a major change in TV production within the last decade. Furthermore, Arab music is a cornerstone of the Arab entertainment industry. Therefore, there is a demand to study the phenomenon of Arabic music channels that are mainly dependent on video clips and music shows. Likewise, these new trends of Arab music channels have an impact on Arab youth. The integration between modern Arab music and TV production resulted in forming a link between social consumption and new trends in Arabic music. Th.is link was one of the corners of this research. The research depend on several approaches, among which the theoretical framework that tend to establish a base to clarify the phenomenon of the Arab music TV. The theory of "Spiral of Silence" could apply guidelines to understand the phenomenon. The analytical approach was used in order to examine the role of radio, film, and theater in providing the early stages of visual representation of musical production. Likewise, the analysis would provide the role of modern technology in boosting performance of the Arab music TV. A survey was conducted in order to gather information about the Arab music TV channels and audience interaction with broadcast video clips. The findings indicated that advancing technology paved the way for the introduction of the music TV into the Arab world. The long musical and performance traditions in the Arab world helped audience to adopt newer audio and video formats. The adoption was done after a struggle between the new format and the Arab societies social rules. The new format is accepted after the application of certain alteration in order to Arabize it. Moreover, youth tend to interact with new music TV visual arts and adopt certain attitude and ideas from them. The fi.1ture will incorporate more digital media advances which create cycles of adoption and alteration for western TV arts.


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