The formation of pollutants emissions in any fuel combustion process is always depending on various factors, such as the fuel c01nposition, the air to fuel ratio, and combustion system aerodynamics. This work investigates the pollutants formation during the combustion of commercial n1ethane with the presence of CO2 as a diluent in varying proportions. Carbon dioxide could be found with methane in some natural gases, in biogas produced through the fermentation of organic waste, in landfills, etc. The work discusses how such presence with variable burner aerodynamics as combustion air split, and secondary combustion air swirl 1nodify significantly the thermodynamics and combustion characteristics of methane in air. Experimental results are presented showing the axial temperature profile inside the combustion chamber, measurements of pollutants emissions, and heat transfer to the surrounding. An optimized operating range for the burner was specified to result in maximum combustion efficiency and minimum pollutants emissions.


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