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The photography exhibition is made up of visual stories that look at the idea of family life from different perspectives and the project work has been made as part of the Photography Foundations course where students are invited to work on a family themed project. Professors Ronnie Close, Nadia Mounier and Ahmed Husseiny guide students through the process as these young photographers reflect on their personal lives and experiences through the camera to ask what the family means to them. This course project sets out to ask what the family means today and how is it defined in the 21st century. Developments in technology means we share our family memories and moments in an instant as the social media image has become a phenomenon of everyday life. This student exhibition covers the contemporary family in a breath of situations through creative approaches by the young photographers share ideas of belonging, kinship, absence, to open a window onto how the family is, in a way, a cultural construct. These visual stories reveal how photography can be a means of creating new images of family and a family of images that sheds light on this universal subject to rethink our own place within the family condition. Imaginative and intimate photographic perspectives have been used by these young photographers to provide an insight into current photographic practice. Approaches overlap in curious ways as family photos are restaged, cameras look at social challenges and family trees are explored to push the limits of photo-documentary reality.