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Innovation Vision 2020: Sustainable growth, Entrepreneurship, and Economic Development - Proceedings of the 19th International Business Information Management Association Conference

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Coupling the success of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to different user categories is the novelty in this research. Stemmed from the DeLone and MacLean model of ERP success (1992), several similar models are proposed, each one corresponding to a categorized user. The paper then applies five kin models on five different user categories at the American University in Cairo (AUC) simply to measure the different satisfactions corresponding to each categorized user since those users use different modules/parts of the ERP package. In general ten attributes were used: starting with the quality in terms of: the System (SQ), the Information (IQ), as well as the Vendor (VQ); and how they singularly and jointly affect the User Perception (UP) and Implementation Problems (IP). Then the UP and IP positively or negatively affect each other and in turn they affect Satisfaction that has an impact on the Individual (II), Workgroup (WI), and Organization (OI).

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