An alternative methodology for formulating an operations strategy: The case of BTC-Egypt

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Purpose: This study seeks to present a structured methodology that can be used to develop an operations strategy for the IT service sector in developing countries that would in turn help to increase strategic fit. Design/methodology/approach: In this constructive case study for BTC-Egypt - an IT service provider, the previous success of the company's sales operations is examined with the prioritized operational strategy during their previous sales to determine the discriminating competitive priorities. Account managers used an AHP model to measure the relative importance ratings given to a comprehensive set of competitive priorities derived from the accumulated literature. Qualitative analysis for individual operations and quantitative analysis including logistic regression and correlations were used to analyze the data. Findings: The proposed structured approach is shown to assist BTC-Egypt in determining its differentiating competitive priorities and identify the various market segments. Results of the model showed Quality as an operational strategy rated the highest across all sales, and Customer Focus and Service Provision to be the two most discriminating variables for successful sales. Practical implications: The methodology used here is new to the formulation of operation strategies, and works to enhance internal consistency throughout the organization and external fit with the competitive environment. Originality/value: While the paper relied on previously developed competitive priorities well grounded in the literature, it used relative ratings to propose a structured methodology for determining the differentiating competitive priorities of a company based on its previous performance. © Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

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