The alignment of the policy objectives of youth inclusion and population regulation in post Arab-Spring Egypt: A discussion paper

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International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy

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Purpose: This paper aims to argue for the benefit of aligning the two policy objectives of youth inclusion and population regulation in Egypt. This alignment is mainly informed by the literature that identifies structural development issues as central to population regulation. These development issues relate to greater access to education, particularly to female youth, access to the labor market, access to family planning services and delayed age at marriage. These development issues are also at the heart of a youth-focused policy agenda that would foster their successful transition to adulthood. Design/methodology/approach: The paper provides stylized data on the situation of youth in Egypt along the youth- and population-related parameters identified in the paper and surveys population policies in Egypt in view of recent changes related to the country's democratic transition. Findings: There is great benefit in aligning the objectives of population regulation and youth integration policies in post-January 25 Egypt. This alignment will revive the population-focused policy agenda, which is ostensibly absent from the policy discourse, using an already vibrant discourse seeking to include youth as part of Egypt's democratic transition. Originality/value: The paper contributes to the debate on youth and population issues in Egypt amid a highly volatile political scene and draws on the experience of post-revolution Iran in terms of population policies. © Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

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