Yes, Women can be Equal to Men in Employment: Evidence from Egypt

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Public Policy & Administration Department

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Rana Hendy

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Research Article

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Journal of North African Studies

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This paper studies the differences in employment probabilities and their changes over time for the different tranches of Egyptian society. For this, I simulate probabilities for four labour market states (inactivity or unemployment; government sector; private sector and, self-employment and unpaid work) separately by marital status and level of household wealth. Then, I follow these probabilities over time using the three rounds of the Egypt Labor Market Panel Surveys of 1998, 2006 and 2012. The findings of this research, and unlike what the previous literature established, confirm that the gender gap in employment Egypt differs according to the economic and the social circumstances. For instance, if both a man and a woman come from ‘relatively good’ economic and social circumstances, they showed relatively equal employment chances. The findings of this research show that the gender gap in employment aggravates with the deterioration of the individual’s economic and social characteristics. For instance, education and income in addition to a number of other individual and household characteristics would allow women to attain a better position of gender equality in employment.

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