Automated BIM-based structural design and cost optimization model for reinforced concrete buildings

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Construction Engineering Department

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Mohamed Sherif, Khaled Nassar, Ossama Hosny, Sherif Safar , Ibrahim Abotaleb

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Research Article

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Scientific Reports

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Fall 12-14-2022




The process of optimizing building designs requires developing several architectural and structural layout alternatives. Traditionally, limited number of design iterations can be conducted manually, which is time consuming and results in non-optimum designs in terms of limited functionality or high costs. The goal of this research is to develop an advanced Building Information Modeling (BIM) model for automating and optimizing design of building layouts and structural elements to reach minimum construction cost while abiding by the functionality constraints of the architectural design. The developed model integrates concepts from structural design, BIM modeling, and computer programming into one advanced optimization framework. The model was tested and validated in 11 case studies and is found to reduce the structural materials cost by up to 15% per floor without compromising the defined space requirements.

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