Could the Employment-based Targeting Approach Serve Egypt in Moving towards a Social Health Insurance Model?

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Social Research Center (SRC)

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Sherine Shawky

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Research Article

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EMHJ - Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal

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Summer 1-6-2010


The current health insurance system in Egypt targets the productive population through an employment-based scheme bounded by a cost ceiling and focusing on curative care. Egypt Social Contract Survey data from 2005 were used to evaluate the impact of the employment-based scheme on health system accessibility and financing. Only 22.8% of the population in the productive age range [‎19-59 years]‎ benefited from any health insurance scheme. The employment-based scheme covered 39.3% of the working population and was skewed towards urban areas, older people, females and the wealthier. It did not increase service utilization, but reduced out-of-pocket expenditure. Egypt should blend all health insurance schemes and adopt an innovative approach to reach universal coverage

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