The Dispersion of a Realm: Alumin for Trading

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El Khazendar Business Research and Case Center

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Ashraf Sheta, Ibrahim Sedfy, Loaloah Katamish, Nariman Kamal, Nathalie Bichara, Toga El- Nenaiey

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Research Article

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Summer 1-6-2020




This case deals with Mr. Mostafa’s entrepreneurial realm, and the journey he embarked upon in the early 1980s by joining the aluminum industry. It follows a series of phases and fluctuations faced as a business owner, and chronicles his later efforts to disperse and divide his realm among his offspring. This case addresses major family business issues, including separation and dispersion causing dilution of wealth, as well as family disputes over governance, separation of ownership and management, and lack of succession planning. It is a case of tragedy, love, greed, quarrel, but above all tenacity. Back before working in aluminum had ever occurred to him, Mr. Mostafa was employed by the Ministry of Health. With a wife and five children to feed, he had no choice but to travel for work in order to make money. He traveled to Saudi Arabia, as a representative of the Ministry of Health, where he worked for three years. All the while he dreamed of a day when he would finally own his own business. But in what field, and when? What inspired him? He continued to ponder these questions as he worked for another 15 years as a chef in one of the biggest hospitals in Saudi Arabia. During his time as a chef, he witnessed the building of a new hospital branch. With no prior intention, he found himself learning about the materials used in buildings. As he began to dig deeper into this new area of interest and to search for materials, he found out that aluminum is the most affordable and the easiest element to import.

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