TA Telecom: Innovation in a Rapidly Changing Industry

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El Khazendar Business Research and Case Center

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Ayman Ismail; Brendon Johnson

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Research Article

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Fall 1-12-2016




In the early 2000’s, TA Telecom began its business through partnerships with large mobile carriers in Egypt. At that time, their work was primarily based on SMS-based messaging services. Over time, however, the company has shifted its products and revenue lines – content subscription, client-based data management, and mobile apps. Throughout it all, TA Telecom’s mission has been to constantly reassess, adapt, and upgrade. As the mobile industry is in constant flux, and competition is on the move, TA Telecom has worked to develop a strong, lean, and innovative platform to constantly stay ahead of the curve in the Middle East and North African market. With this model, the company hopes to expand to the global scale, particularly towards lesser-served markets in Africa and Asia.

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