ElectroMitry: 45 Years Serving Technology in Egypt

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El Khazendar Business Research and Case Center

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Abdelrahman Soliman; Ashraf Sheta; Fatma El Ekaly; Nour Assil; Yomna Said

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Research Article

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Summer 1-6-2020




This case considers ElectroMitry, a family business that has been serving Egypt’s technology needs successfully for the past 50 years. It tells the story of 23-year-old Kamal, who struggles with managing the family business all on his own, as the company’s fate relies on him since his father’s passing. This has been a very big problem since he was forced to lead the business and take full responsibility for it while in only his second year of university. Throughout his early life, Kamal interned and worked with his father, Fikry, in the business as much as he could, even when he was at school or university. This was one of the main reasons that helped him take on the position of CEO. But now, on top of grieving for the loss of his father and trying to continue his education, he is trying to keep his family’s business as successful as it was, while also aiming for its expansion and growth despite the circumstances. Not only did Kamal have difficulty managing the business’s day-to-day tasks, but also, like in every other family business, he has some family problems of his own. Will he be able to overcome these obstacles for the sake of the business? Will he be able to balance his work and his education? All of these issues are on his mind. The case addresses challenges pertaining to family businesses within the Egyptian context, and can help readers to benchmark best practices and to face problems related to succession in a family business.

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