Technology Scaling Roadmap for FinFET-Based FPGA Clusters Under Process Variations

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Electronics & Communications Engineering Department

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Electronics & Communications Engineering Department

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Osama Abdelkader; Mohamed Mohie El-Din; Hassan Mostafa; Hamdy Abdelhamid; Hossam A. H. Fahmy; Yehea Ismail; Ahmed M. Soliman

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Research Article

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Journal of Circuits, Systems and Computers

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The technology scaling impact on FinFET-based Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) components (Flip-Flops and Multiplexers) and cluster metrics is evaluated for technology nodes starting from 20nm down to 7nm. Power consumption, delay and energy (Power Delay Product, or PDP) trends are reported with FinFET technology scaling. Cluster metrics are then evaluated based on three benchmarking circuits: 2-bit adder, 4-bit NAND and cascaded flip-flops chain. The study shows that power, delay and PDP of the FPGA cluster are improved as we scale down the technology. An example for improvement is that for 7nm 2-bit adder, circuit speed is 15% higher than its value at 20nm and PDP at 7nm is reduced by 43% compared to its value at 20nm. The impacts of temperature and threshold voltage variations on FPGA cluster performance are also reported after evaluating a 2-bit adder circuit as a benchmark which is then used to calculate the design constraints to meet 99.9% yield percentage.

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