Civic Duty and the State: Disorganized Government Policy on NGO Build-up and Success Factors: The Case of Egyptian Food Bank

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El Khazendar Business Research and Case Center

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Nellie El Enany

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Research Article

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The Egyptian Food Bank (EFB) case discusses the tactics needed to build a successful NGO business model against the backdrop of societal conditions and legal hurdles enforced by the Egyptian state. The case does not provide a concrete formula, but rather a general direction towards overall values needed to build a successful brand. For the purposes of stimulating debate, and in essence, imparting the notion that no one single formula fits all circumstances, the specifics of why, how, and which combination of values is optimal are left to the discretion of the readers. Demonstrating the need for flexibility should teach prospective business students that following any one set of footsteps, however previously successful, does not necessarily guarantee success.

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