Prediction of Mechanical Properties for Curved Dumbbell- Shaped Specimen at Different Orientation Angles of Ring Hoop Tension Test

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Mechanical Engineering Department

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Tarek M A A EL-Bagory; Ibrahim M Alarifi; Maher Y A Younan

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Research Article

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Advanced Engineerin Materials

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Manufacturing processes of polymeric plastic pipes play an important role and effect on their mechanical behavior. These processes cause a significant difference in the mechanical behavior between traditional tensile test specimens from the basic materials and final product of plastic pipes. The present study is focused on the mechanical behavior of ring specimens cut from pipes in the circumferential direction to obtain accurate materials design data during checking the quality of the final product for the plastic pipes. The experimental work is conducted at different crosshead speeds (VC.H = 10–1000 mm min−1) and different loading angles relative to the location of the dumbbell shaped (DBS) (α = 0°, 30°, 45°, 60°, and 90°) to study the mechanical properties of the ring hoop tension test (RHTT) specimens. The effect of loading angle of RHTT specimen is investigated at constant crosshead speed equal 50 mm min−1. The tensile test results show that the engineering hoop yield strength is maximized at loading angle, 90° for both single and double configurations compared with all loading angles at crosshead speed 50 mm min−1. The experimental results predict the yield point on the curved surface of DBS configuration based on the vertical displacement of the movable head for tensile testing machine.

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