Politics of Evidence Based Policy Making: Reporting on SDG 16 in Egypt

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Public Policy & Administration Department

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Laila El Baradei

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Research Article

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International Journal of Public Administration (IJPA) - Special Issue

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Although evidence-based policy making has been advocated for the past two decades, yet the politics encompassed therein, has not been sufficiently emphasized. The following paper presents the case of Egypt’s reporting on SDG 16 implementation as a case in point. SDG 16 is one of the most sensitive goals to report on, especially in developing non-democratic countries. Through reviewing published reports and studies by both international and national agencies, the current research paper explores to what extent Egypt has progressed with the achievement of SDG 16 indicators. Findings point out to deficiencies in government reporting yet the availability of alternative reliable proxy measures. The paper concludes with recommendations for the international community to recognize the politics in evidence-based policy making, and for the civil society, academia and research centers to play a more active role in monitoring and reporting on the politically sensitive indicators of the SDG 16.

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