Designing a flexible pavement design tool using the mepdg approach

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Construction Engineering Department

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Research Article

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Proceedings of International Structural Engineering and Construction

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The Mechanistic-Empirical principles were used to develop a software, known as AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design. It is a design and analysis software, designed according to the latest AASHTO standards, the Mechanistic Empirical Pavement Design Guide MEPDG approach, which identifies the causes of stresses in pavement structures and forecasts the pavement’s performance throughout its lifespan. Due to its sophisticated complex design, the AASHTOware is of constrained availability in the market. However, due to its significance and its ability to revolutionize the industry, this paper discusses a proposed flexible pavement design tables based on the MEPDG that is founded on Egyptian traffic loadings and material characteristics. This study is divided into two phases; the first is concerned with evaluating the performance of an actual Egyptian roadway pavement design while the second aims to develop a new design tool integrating traffic, climate, and material. The research results showed the poor expected performance of the studied roadway pavement in terms of rutting and fatigue cracking. This research also provided a basic flexible pavement design tables using the MEPDG approach and based on the Egyptian materials, climatic and loading conditions.

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