Dbknot a transparent and seamless, pluggable, tamper evident database

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Computer Science & Engineering Department

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EPiC Series in Computing

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Database tampering is a key security threat that impacts the integrity of sensitive information of crucial businesses. The evolving risks of security threats as well as regulatory compliance are important driving forces for achieving better integrity and detecting possible data tampering by either internal or external malicious perpetrators. We present DBKnot, an architecture for a tamper detection solution that caters to such problem while maintaining seamlessness and ease of retrofitting into existing append-only database applications with near-zero modifications. We also pay attention to data confidentiality by making sure that the data never leaves the organization’s premises. We leverage designs like chains of record hashes to achieve the target solution. A set of preliminary experiments have been conducted that resulted in DBKnot adding an overhead equal to the original transaction time. We have run the same experimemts experiments with different parallelization and pipelining versions of DBKnot which resulted in cutting approximately 66% of the added overhead.

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