Design of built-up steel beam-columns composed of two-channel sections

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American University in Cairo

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Construction Engineering Department

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Research Article

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Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering

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Built-up columns composed of two chords present an ideal design for long columns subject to high straining actions. The objective of this paper is to investigate the capacity of built-up columns composed of two-channel sections subjected to eccentric loading and propose a design method for them. A nonlinear numerical finite element model is developed for these columns and verified against experimental investigation available from literature; the model includes both the geometric and material nonlinearities along with the effect of initial imperfections. The model is used to perform a parametric study to investigate the effect of different factors on the built-up columns’ capacity. The results of the parametric study are also used to propose a design method for these columns. A limited experimental investigation is performed on two eccentrically loaded built-up columns, the results of experimental work showed good agreement with the numerical model results and the proposed design method.

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