Systematic processing framework for analyzing the factors of construction projects’ delays in Egypt

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Ain Shams Engineering Journal

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Nowadays, the subject of delays is considered one of the most challenging problems for construction projects, particularly in Egypt. Delays occurrence normally leads to an increase in the project's time and so its cost. Analyzing the factors of construction project delays in Egypt is a matter of crucial importance; thus, the reason why a systematic processing framework is developed. Considered as one of the main elements for this framework, a survey questionnaire was conducted among the key parties in the Egyptian construction industry. The aim is to assess the relevance and impact of the various delay causes on construction projects, to identify the responsible party as well as to evaluate the effect of using the Building Information Modeling (BIM) on delays. Thus, this paper promotes the use of a systematic processing framework to outline a course for examining delay factors of construction projects in Egypt while validating the outcomes through a survey questionnaire. This leads to prioritize delay causes and hence to identify the most suitable approach for dealing with construction projects’ delays and their associated cost impact. Also, it is worth mentioning that this framework is of major use to construction projects with similarity nature such as residential buildings, hotels, etc. This study opens the doors for further development of parametric models which will help in effectively treating this subject.

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