Design and Constructability of Novel Extendable Arched Steel Truss Falsework

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American University in Cairo

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Rhetoric and Composition Department

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Research Article

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Journal of Construction Engineering and Management

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Formwork is a very important component in the construction industry and can have major impacts on a project's budget. The process of selecting a suitable formwork system becomes very important in avoiding budget overruns due to choosing an unsuitable system for a project. Despite this importance, the developments for the formwork system are limited to adding accessories to the already existing systems. This was the case until the development of the funicular arch steel truss (FAST) falsework system, which introduced the concept of the funicular arch in developing a new formwork system. The FAST system had some drawbacks that were targeted during the development of the extendable arched steel truss (EAST) falsework system. The EAST system is proven to be more structurally sound than the FAST system and any of the currently commercially available formwork systems in terms of load capacity and satisfying the deflection criteria (span/360). The EAST system also provides higher lateral stability to the formwork system. To understand the advantages of the new EAST system, three case studies were carried out to compare the FAST system, EAST system, and commercially available system, known as the MULTIFLEX girder slab formwork. The results were compared in terms of weight, cost, and erection time. The results proved that the EAST system has a lower erection time than the FAST and the MULTIFLEX girder slab formwork, while it has a higher weight and consequently higher cost than the other two systems; however, it has higher structural soundness and safety factors.

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