Generation of interaction diagrams of pad-reinforced and non-padded vessel/nozzle structures via employing various plastic collapse techniques

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American University in Cairo

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Mechanical Engineering Department

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Research Article

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International Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping

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The present research investigates the effect of pad reinforcement on the load-carrying capacities of a thin-walled pressurized cylindrical vessel with a radial nozzle structure. The main objective is to generate the plastic collapse moment boundaries versus a spectrum of steady internal pressures employing various criteria, namely the Plastic Work Curvature (PWC) and the Plastic Work (PW) criteria in addition to the Twice-Elastic-Slope (TES) Method. Initially, a validation study is conducted utilizing the finite element method to determine the out-of-plane (OP) plastic collapse moments utilizing the TES Method concerning two experimentally tested pad-reinforced vessel/nozzle structures. The validation study revealed very good outcomes. A non-padded vessel/nozzle is also analyzed for comparison purposes. The pad reinforcement enormously enhanced both the in-plane and the OP load-carrying capacities. The TES Method displayed a noticeable deficiency in determining the plastic collapse moments for the non-padded structure concerning the late medium to the high internal pressure spectra.

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