An Electromagnetic Vibration Energy Harvester with a Tunable Mass Moment of Inertia

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Mechanical Engineering Department

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Peter Ibrahim; Mustafa Arafa; Yasser Anis

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Research Article

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Sensors (Basel, Switzerland)

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This paper presents a vibration-based electromagnetic energy harvester whose resonance frequency can be adjusted to match that of the excitation. Frequency adjustment is attained by controlling a rotatable arm, with tuning masses, at the tip of a cantilever-type energy harvester, thereby changing the effective mass moment of inertia of the system. The rotatable arm is mounted on a servomotor that is autonomously controlled through a microcontroller and a photo sensor to keep the device at resonance for maximum power generation. A mathematical model is developed to predict the system response for different design parameters and to estimate the generated power. The system is investigated analytically by a distributed-parameter model to study the natural frequency variation and dynamic response. The analytical model is verified experimentally where the frequency is tuned from 8 to 10.25 Hz. A parametric study is performed to study the effect of each parameter on the system behavior.

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