An integral equation formulation for TM scattering by a conducting cylinder coated with an inhomogeneous dielectric/magnetic material

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Physics Department

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Research Article

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Progress In Electromagnetics Research B

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A volume-surface integral equation (VSIE) formulation is developed for determining the electromagnetic TM scattering by a two-dimensional conducting cylinder coated with an inhomogeneous dielectric/magnetic material. The electric field integral equations (EFIEs) are utilized to derive the VSIE. The surface EFIE is applied to the conducting surface, while the volume EFIE is applied to the coating region. By employing the surface and equivalence principles, the problem is reduced into a set of coupled integral equations in terms of equivalent electric and magnetic currents radiating into unbounded space. The moment method is used to solve the integral equations. Numerical results for the bistatic radar cross section for different structures are presented. The well-known exact series-solution for a conducting circular cylinder coated with multilayers of homogeneous materials is used along with the available published data to validate the results. The influence of using coatings with double-positive (DPS) and/or double-negative (DNG) materials on the radar cross section is investigated.

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