A model for calculating bottom-hole pressure from simple surface data in pumped wells

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Petroleum & Energy Engineering Department

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Research Article

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Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology

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© 2020, The Author(s). Bottom-hole flowing pressure and pump intake pressure (PIP) are important parameters to optimize the performance of oil wells. In recent years, downhole sensors are becoming widely used in electrical submersible pump systems to measure these pressures. However, it is still rare to use downhole sensors in sucker rod and progressive cavity pumped wells. In this study, two correlations were developed to calculate bottom-hole flowing pressure and PIP from readily available field data. The two correlations do not require measurements of buildup tests, but they rely on measuring the dynamic fluid level and estimating fluid gradient correction factor using either (1) the tubing gas flow rate or (2) the annular gas flow rate. Then, the PIP is calculated by the summation of either (1) the tubing pressure plus the tubing gaseous liquid column pressure or (2) the casing pressure, annular gas column pressure and the annular gaseous liquid column pressure. The correlations were developed using 419 field data points (389 points for training and 30 for testing) of wide range for each input parameter. Using the training data, the mean absolute percentage deviation (MAPD) between the calculated and measured PIPs is 25% and 20% for the first and second correlations, respectively. However, the testing data showed MAPD of 33% and 12% for the first and second correlations, respectively. The accuracy of these correlations is significantly higher than that of the previously available methods, and the correlations require simpler input. Such study is an original contribution to calculate the PIP with improved accuracy and without downhole pressures sensors.

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