Electronic structure and spontaneous magnetization in Mn-doped SnO2

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Soochow University

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Research Article

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Journal of Applied Physics

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© 2020 Author(s). Mn-doped SnO 2 is a promising dilute magnetic semiconductor; however, there are many inconsistent reports on the magnetic ordering in the literature. We investigate the magnetic ordering and the local electronic structure in stoichiometric and Mn-doped (with Mn concentrations of 1 at.%, 3 at.%, and 6 at.%) SnO 2 using magnetization measurements, Mn L 2, 3-edge and O K-edge x-ray absorption fine structure measurements, and density functional theory and model Hamiltonian calculations. We find that paramagnetic and ferromagnetic behavior is present as a function of Mn concentration and, in particular, that paramagnetic, ferromagnetic, and antiferromagnetic order coexist independently in Mn(6%):SnO 2. Simultaneously, we find that Mn 2 +, Mn 3 +, and Mn 4 + also coexist in Mn(6%):SnO 2. These findings demonstrate the care needed to study Mn:SnO 2 and point to the wealth of magnetic behaviors that might be realized with careful control of synthesis conditions.

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