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Cairo Papers in Social Science


Cairo Papers in Social Science


The monograph is based upon my MA thesis, which was submitted to the Department of Sociology-Anthropology-Psychology at the American University in Cairo. The problem of inter-state conflict in the Middle East is ripe for a concerted research effort combining the methods of several of the social science disciplines and its aim would be to accomplish three objectives: 1) to identify generally those conflict situations or states which are likely to lead to war 2) to evaluate particular conflict situations and probable lines along which they are likely to develop if left to themselves 3) To suggest further possible techniques for controlling or containing sich conflict situations so as to prevent them from breaking out into war. The purpose of this study is not to suggest that the mass media are casual factors in war and peace. Rather, it is based on an assumption that an examination of general principles of conflict from a communication prespective will shed light upon the dynamics of inter-state conflicts and that, hopefully, it will lead to insights that will be useful in easing inter-state as well as international tensions.

Publication Date

Winter 1978


American University in Cairo Press




mass communication, Egypt, October War, Israeli inventory, Egyptian inventory, suspicion, trust


Cairo Papers in Social Science 1(3)


Communication | International Relations | Mass Communication | Near Eastern Languages and Societies | Social Influence and Political Communication

The role of mass communications in inter-state conflict: The Arab-Israeli War of October 1973