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Cairo Papers in Social Science


Cairo Papers in Social Science


With the support of the Ford Foundation, research was carried out on "Primary Agricultural Marketing in Egypt" from November 1989 to March 1991. The research team was led by Mrs. Sohair Mehanna of the Social Research Center, American University in Cairo, Dr. Nicholas S. Hopkins, Department of Sociology-Anthropology, American University in Cairo, and Dr. Bahgat Abdelmaksoud, Department of Rural Sociology, Asyut University. Other members of the team were Zeinab Gamal, Laila Fares, and Esmat Kheir from the Social Research Center, and Dr. Ahmed Abdelhafidh, Dr. Mustafa Hamdi, Ahmed Hassanein, Mohammed Hassan, and Mohammed Murad from the University of Asyut. There were also various enumerators hired specifically for the task. The project was administered from the Social Research Center of the American University in Cairo. Thanks also to all those on the staff of the American University in Cairo who made this possible. This notably includes Mr. Jack Hartmann and his staff at the Grants and Contracts office. Thanks to Fatma Abdel Karim for help with the typing, and to Fakri Abdel Wahab for photography. Various SRC drivers and support staff helped make this research possible. Thanks also to Dr. David Nygaard and his staff at the Ford Foundation office in Cairo for their unstinting support of this project. Thanks to Dr. Edward Reeves for sending along some unpublished material with as much speed as good will. Dr. Saad Nagi and Dr. Mourad Wahba found time to read an early version of the text and to provide encouragement. Our gratitude to Dr. Mohammed Hassan and to Dr. Ragaa el-Amir for advice and comment. Michael Russell helped with the computer and the printing. Susan Russell gave a late draft a thorough drubbing. Mah2 Mahfouz and Mona Abu Zeid helped with translations and data analysis, and Maha Mahfouz also drafted an Arabic summary. It was useful to compare notes with Martina Heitkoetter of Freiburg University in Germany, who was carrying out a study of the Rod el­Farag market. Thanks to those who gave permission for this project to take place in the three governorates. Thanks above all to all those who submitted to our questions and responded with hospitality.



Publication Date

Summer 1994


American University in Cairo Press




farmers, merchants, markets, Egypt, agricultural Market, market channels


Cairo Papers in Social Science 17(2)


Social Justice | Sociology

Farmers and merchants: Background to structural adjustment in Egypt