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Cairo Papers in Social Science


Cairo Papers in Social Science


This paper was originally conceived as a thesis for a Master of Arts Degree in political science, which I received in June 1993. Formulation and completion of this study would not have been possible without constant encouragement and helpful comments provided by my supervisor, Prof. Salwa. Gomaa. I am especially grateful to her for her strong moral support during my times of despair while preparing this work. My gratitude also goes out to Prof. Moustafa K. El-Sayed and Dr. Noha El-Mikkawy, who agreed to be the readers for this thesis, despite their busy schedules. I am deeply indebted to Mr. Hassan Al-Alawani for his generous and indispensable assistance to me during the early stages of preparation for this study. Mr. Mahmoud Abou Raya provided me with valuable information and comments without which the study would have been inaccurate. My special appreciation goes out to these two gentlemen for their prompt and unstinted guidance. I wish to express my gratitude to Moheb Zaki, whose relentless criticism compelled me to shed the barriers of defense that I had unwittingly come to build around my study, and to review it with a more skeptical eye. The field research for this study was more than facilitated by the unselfish cooperation of the members of Herageya, Waqid and Om Khenan villages (particularly the VLPC members who participated conscienciously in the questionnaire survey and without the slightest objection) and to governorate officials at Beheira, Giza and Qena, specifically: Mr. Yousri Abdel Alim, Mrs. Wagida Mosli and Mr. Khairy at Beheira; Messrs. Mohamed Aboul Ella and Gamal Fouda at Giza; and Mr. Abdel Fattah El-Naggar at Qena. Although the contribution of the above-mentioned individuals cannot be minimized, I owe a special debt of gratitude to two people, without whom this research effort would never have materialized: my mother, whose unflinching support and patience has salvaged me from frequent moments of frustration while preparing this work; and my father, whose fervent desire for me to complete this study provided me with a powerful impetus to continue with its preparation after he passed away. May God rest his soul in peace.



Publication Date

Spring 1994


American University in Cairo Press




democrate, rural settlement, Egypt, village, local development


Cairo Papers in Social Science 17(1)


Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration

Democratization in rural Egypt : a study of the village local popular council