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Cairo Papers in Social Science


Cairo Papers in Social Science


This publication is based on a study commissioned by UNICEF in September 1992. The purpose of the study was to provide advice on processes that would ensure wide community participation and promote environmentally and financially sustainable development. The study was undertaken jointly by a senior anthropologist with long experience in development work, particularly human resource development, training and action research, and a young MA graduate student of Public Administration. They were helped by their varied backgrounds and experience: the extensive experience of the senior partner in relation to the selected area, the diligent work of the junior partner reviewing available reports on the upgrading program and interviewing 24 knowledgeable persons from inside and outside the selected area. Aware of the various efforts in Egypt since the 1930s to implement projects to alleviate rural or urban poverty and improve human conditions, the writers deliberately chose to carry out an in-depth study of a poor urban area which had experienced in the last ten years a large number of upgrading programs and a high degree of involvement that made a visible impact on the whole area. In view of the limited time and resources, they preferred to use their energy to scrutinize this concrete situation and draw lessons rather than review the extensive literature on community development and community participation. They hope that such lessons would help in future development planning which ensures the broadest community participation and which is financially and environmentally sustainable.



Publication Date

Winter 1993


American University in Cairo Press




Zabaleen, garbage collectors, Cairo, community development, garbage collector association, environment


Cairo Papers in Social Science 16(4)


Development Studies | Near Eastern Languages and Societies | Sociology

Experiments in community development in a Zabbaleen settlement