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With the thaw of the cold war and the emergence of detente between the superpowers, it was widely argued that the policy of non-alignment had almost lost its relevance. Behind this belief was the assumption that non-alignment was the outcome of the cold war. However, non alignment did not go into oblivion as predicted by the cold war theory. On the contrary, the Movement was able to adapt itself to the new international conditions of the 1970's and to reemerge bigorously as a major political force in the 1980's. The papers published in this volume tackle these questions from various perspectives. The first two, written by two Indian scholars, provide us with a macroscopic viewpoint of the present international system and its impact on the primary orientations of the Non-Aligned Movement. The papers of Dr. Haroub Othman and Dr. Samir Ahmed review the political and organizational evolution of the Movement. Dr. Galal's and Dr. Singh's papers attempt to describe the security challenges of the Non-Aligned Move cent in the 1980' s and the feasibility of formulating a Non-Aligned Security Doctrine. The next two contributions discuss the political economy of non-alignment. Dr. Selim's paper reviews the emergence of the economic paradigm of non-aligned countries -- the evolution of the Movement of Non-Alignment as to form the main economic pressure group for Third World countries during the 1970's and the basic obstacles which arc likely to influence the economic role of the Movement in Dr Bashai discusses the role of the Movement in North-South the negotiations and the fostering of South-South cooperation. In his second contribution to chis volume, Dr. Samir Ahmed discusses the particular nature of Africa's non-alignment and the basic challenges which confront the continent its endeavor to preserve its non-aligned international status. Finally, Dr. Tadic and Dr. Farajallah succinctly tackle the difficult task of attempting co-identify the general global and structural problems which confront the Nonaligned Movement in the 1980's and the prospects for the future.

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Non-Alignment in a Changing World


Mohamed El-Sayed Selim




American University in Cairo Press



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Cairo Papers in Social Science 6(3)


non alignment, cold war, non aligned, north south, south south


International Relations | Near and Middle Eastern Studies | Other International and Area Studies

Challenges to and Prospects of the Non-Aligned Movement During the Eighties