Women and work in Egypt

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Women and work in Egypt



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This brief study of the role of women in the labor force of Egypt has occupied my time and attention, off and on, for about two years. While I alone am responsible for the final result, a number of people have helped reduce its deficiencies in one way or another and I owe each of them a special debt. Matilda Toma and Nadia Hanna each typed parts of the paper and Edith Dimond prepared the final manuscript for publication. Adel Labban helped in some of the early stages of data collection and Soha Abdel Kadar, Raymond Baker, Kareen Aboul Kheir and Barbara Ibrahim commented on an earlier version. Their observations were especially helpful, as were those of Nadia Abdel Naby. Nelly Effat and Amany El Khateeb who helped correct some of my misperceptions about the contemporary role of women in Egypt. But one individual served as my reseach assistant as I was finishing this paper and without her help I doubt it would have been completed. Maha Ghalwash was an indefatigable data gatherer and critic who helped improve the quality of this paper in a number of ways. Convention dictates that an author accept all responsibility for whatever inadequacies remain in a publication, while granting full credict to those whose criticism and assistance were helpful. Who am I to flaunt convention? Obviously, a foreign man writing a study of Egyptian women needs all the help he can get. In addition to those individuals mentioned above, I should like to thank the Editorial Board of Cairo Papers, numerous colleagues and students, and finally, the women (and men) of Egypt who made me believe that such research was worth doing.

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Women and Work in the Arab World


Earl L. Sullivan, Karima Korayem




American University in Cairo Press



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Cairo Papers in Social Science 4(4)


Egypt, women, work environment, female employment, labor, contemporary Egypt

Women and work in Egypt