Change and Continuity in an Egyptian Judicial Institution: The Niyaba

Change and Continuity in an Egyptian Judicial Institution: The Niyaba


Enid Hill



Cairo Papers in Social Science


Many minds, multiple energies and much cooperation has gone into the creation and production of this monograph. Principally it is the outcome of a seminar on the theme of "Law and Social Change: Problems and Challenges" which was organized and co-sponsored within the general framework of the Open University Seminar Series by the Department of Sociology-Anthropology-Psychology of the American University in Cairo and the National Center for Sociological and Criminological Research. The Open University Seminar, held annually, is a forum through which members of the AUC community and interested persons from the larger Egyptian community can come together to express their views, share their ideas and knowledge and increase their understanding of and about relevant issues selected for discussion in the seminar during a particular year. The first Open University Seminar Series was inaugurated in the spring of 1975 by Cynthia Nelson t founder of the series,and specifically addressed the issue of the impact of the Egyptian feminist movement on the status of women in Egypt, the topic being selected to coincide with efforts that were developing on a national level in Egypt to commemorate 1975 as International Women' s Year. Each successive year has followed with the selection of a specific theme that links women to the processes of social change and development within contemporary Egyptian society; in 1976 Women, Health and Development", which subsequently appeared as Monograph One of Volume One of THE CAIRO PAPERS IN SOCIAL SCIENCE (Nelson, 1977), and in 1977, 11 Women, Work and Social Transformation".

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Book Chapter

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Law and Social Change in Contemporary Egypt


Cynthia Nelson, Klaus Friedrich Koch




American University in Cairo Press



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Cairo Papers in Social Science 2(4)


Law, regulation, social change, Modern, Egypt, justical institution, culture heritage

Change and Continuity in an Egyptian Judicial Institution: The Niyaba