Humanitarian demining mine detection and sensors

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Humanitarian demining mine detection and sensors



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The objectives of developing landmine detection technology are to achieve a high probability of detection rate while maintaining a low probability of false alarms. However, the probability of a false alarm rate is directly proportional to the time and cost of demining. The quality of mine detection affects the efficiency and safety of this process. Hence, there is a need for efficient, reliable and cost effective humanitarian mine detection technologies that speed up the detection process, increase productivity, maximize detection accuracy and reduce false alarm rate. Such technology should improve the ability to positively discriminate landmines from other buried objects and metallic debris while enhancing safety and protection for deminers. Methods of detecting individual mines vary from simple manual probing, the use of animals (dogs, pigs, rats, etc.), insects (Bees, etc.), biosensors, and genetically modified bacteria, to a variety of electronic technologies. Each mine detection technologies has its own strengths and weaknesses. This paper addresses the problem of landmines, their impact, difficulties, requirements, solutions and priorities as required for humanitarian demining. The paper introduces the available mine detection technologies along with a description of the ongoing research and development efforts in the field. The paper evaluates the available mine clearance technologies in terms of prospects, potential use to improve the speed and safety of humanitarian demining, discuss and identify any barriers to complete the development of new technologies. It also focuses on the features and requirements for having efficient sensors that can facilitate effective mine detection. © 2011 IEEE.

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Humanitarian demining mine detection and sensors