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An experimental program was conducted to investigate the shear strength of elastic end-web panels of steel plate girders strengthened with intermediate-modulus carbon fiber-reinforced polymers, CFRP, strips. Test parameters included; number of strips, aspect ratio of end-web panel and width-to-thickness ratio of web plate. Twelve plate girder specimens composed of mild-steel were loaded in a four-point bending test till failure. The girders were proportioned so that the load capacity was governed by elastic web buckling. Four specimens were not strengthened to serve as reference girders whereas the remaining specimens were strengthened by applying CFRP strips in the diagonal tension direction on one or both sides of the web. Test results indicated that the buckling strength of strengthened specimens was not improved, however, the ultimate shear strength increased by 6% to up to 120% due to significant increase in post-buckling strength. The increment in post-buckling strength due to pasting CFRP strips on web plate was several multiples of that of reference girders and was reduced when slender web plates or long end-web panels were utilized. In addition to higher ultimate shear capacity, it was observed that vertical deflections, out-of-plane displacements of the web and bending curvature of transverse stiffeners of strengthened girders were reduced at ultimate load. It was concluded that the ultimate shear strength of elastic end-web panels was successfully improved using intermediate-modulus CFRP strips. On the other hand, current design rules adopted by current AISC specifications need to be revised to account for post-buckling strength of elastic end-web panels.

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Structural Stability Research Council Annual Stability Conference 2014, SSRC 2014






Toronto, Canada

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Experimental investigation on shear strength of elastic end-web panels strengthened with CFRP strips