Bey2ollak—Beat Traffic Together: A Case Study from Egypt

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Bey2ollak—Beat Traffic Together: A Case Study from Egypt



El Khazendar Business Research and Case Center


Traffic jams in Cairo can last for hours and even fire engines and ambulances often face difficulties reaching those in need on time. Six young Egyptian menhave decided to quit watching as the problem escalates and created a simple and easy traffic application to help people avoid congested streets by showing real time updates of the streets. The application turned out to do much more than let people update the status of different roads, it has evolved into a traffic community that responds to the needs of Egyptian street. From fuel crises to polling stations in the times of elections: Bey2ollak covered it all. The idea seems straightforward, but why was it such a big hit? Why did more than 6000 users download the application on the first day of its release alone? Why did the Daily News describe it as “more essential to traffic than traffic lights”? What are the reasons for its success? Did the environment and setting in Egypt facilitate the success or make it more difficult? And most importantly: Is it sustainable and could maintain its position in front of the new emerging competitors? This calls for a closer look and analysis of the environment, setting and framework under which Bey2ollak thrived and became the success it is today. In addition, the analysis will help in giving recommendations to the entrepreneurs regarding their expansion strategy.

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Entrepreneurship in the Arab World: Ten Case Studies




The American University in Cairo Press


Cairo, Egypt

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Bey2ollak—Beat Traffic Together: A Case Study from Egypt