A Reevaluation of the Royal Son Ahmose-Sapair: Problems, Perspectives and Interpretations of the First Royal Cult in the New Kingdom


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The royal son Ahmose-Sapair has always been surrounded by a halo of mystery or uncertainty due to the decontextualised evidence and the resemblance of name with that of the founder of the 18th dynasty. His cult is well accepted and recognised by scholars, but there hasn’t been enough focus on his cult and how it possibly set a pattern, as his veneration introduces the first royal cult in the New Kingdom.The undeniable fact of this character is that he constituted a very important figure in the early 18th dynasty, though most probably posthumously, in order to have been assigned a cult that lasted until the Ramesside period. His presence in royal iconography of kings and queens in the New Kingdom represents irrefutable evidence of the importance of his worship in a royal context.This paper will present the problems in determining the ancestry of Ahmose-Sapair to provide the context of his figure and which one is most likely according to the evidence. However, the main mission of the contribution is to provide a premise of the consolidation of his cult during the New Kingdom, based on all the documentation at our disposal, and how this cult contributed in creating royal ideology in New Kingdom Egypt.

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