Exalted Spirits was the title of an international conference organized jointly by AUC and the American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE). The event was held on AUC's New Cairo campus on 10-11 November 2021. The academic papers and panel discussions--which were aimed at both academic and non-academic participants--focused on current practices related to the veneration of the dead and their origins, which may be traced back to ancient Egypt..


Submissions from 2021

On Shrines and Relics: The Veneration of Prophet Muḥammad in Medieval Egypt, Iman R. Abdulfattah

“I had no heir who would make me a glorified spirit at the Portal of the Horizon”: Childlessness, Ancestor Veneration and the Doors of the Celestial Sphere, Mennah Aly

Sayyida Zeinab in the Egyptian Imagination and Practice, Hager El Hadidi

Osiris lives: Exalting the “drowned one” in Qubet el Hawa and at the modern Cemetery of “Gabanat Aswan”, Amr El-Hawary

Veneration of the Dead, Fayza Haikal Dr.

Let His Name Go Forth: A Micro-historical Study of Kagemni’s veneration in Saqqara, Julia C. F. Hamilton

King to God: The Divine Oracle of Ahmose at Abydos, Stephen Harvey

The Depiction of “Proskynesis” Attitude as Intercessory Body Posture: An Application to Egyptian- Christian Art and Heritage, Zeinab Hanafy Hassan Ali

The Veneration of Amenhotep III and Lunar Cult during the Reign of Akhenaten, Briana Jackson

Temple of Kasr El-Aguz: A Center for Deified Persons with Healing Powers in Græco-Roman Egypt, Sara el-Sayed Kitkat

Outside the Nile Valley: Serabit el-Khadim as a Remote Cult Centre for the Deified Kings, Ahmed Mansour

Serapion of Thmuis’s Memory in Egypt throughout the Ages, Youhanna Matta

The Evolution of Tomb Dressing as an Islamic Ritual for the Dead, Richard McGregor

Invoking the Spirits of the Ruling Ancestors in the New Kingdom Temples: A Veneration Ritual in Ancient Egypt, Youmna Abdel Zaki Nasr

The Man Who Became King: A New Look on Horemheb as a Venerated Figure Through His Memphite Tomb-scenes, Inmaculada Vivas Sainz

Functional Veneration: The Incorporation of Ancestors in Private Art of the Third Intermediate Period, Marissa Stevens

A Reevaluation of the Royal Son Ahmose-Sapair: Problems, Perspectives and Interpretations of the First Royal Cult in the New Kingdom, Jordi Teixidor-Abelenda

Re-membering the Holy Family in Islamic Cairo, Mary Thurlkill

A Domestic Horizon: Household Niches and Ancestor Worship, Micheal R. Tritsch

The Deification of Imhotep, Julia Troche

Royal Children as Royal Ancestors, Georgia Xekalaki