Menna Roshdy


African Refugees thought that by crossing the borders, they were escaping war, carrying their dreams and hopes for a better future. They did not know that they would face another war in the state of asylum. African refugees are marginalized in Cairo as a result of intersecting legal systems. The international law, national law, and the UNHCR policies are the main three legal systems that guide the refugee life. The gaps and contradictions between the three different legal systems along with the practice of these laws have dictated the current vulnerability status of the African refugees living in Egypt. In the case of African refugee women, the three legal systems are argued to create sexual vulnerable bodies as an enforced identity. An intersectional analysis of race, class, gender, and refugee status is carried out to understand these women's experience of sexual violence in Cairo. The international context of the African refugee women and the UNHCR policies despite the fact that international law and UNHCR has tailored a lot of policies and designed many programs that concentrate on the prevention and protection of refugee women against sexual violence, it does not make a real change or contribution in improving the vulnerable status that almost all the African refugee women in Egypt acquire but it is argued to be contributing in enforcing sexual vulnerability on African refugee women.


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MA in International Human Rights Law

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May 2019

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Beckett, Jason

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Mansour, Khaled



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Master's Thesis


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