Robots mainly consist of links and joints, hence studying different joints and coming up with new joints will contribute in advancing robots. The methodology used in this thesis is; Proofing the concept of the Omni-Joint by theoretical analysis and manufacturing a prototype, comparing the following revolute joints; Omni-Joints, Hooke's joint, and Ordinary joint. The comparison is regarding; points of singularity, range of field of motion, inverse kinematics and applying it on different paths using MATLAB, and finally studying the stresses on the Omni-Joint using FEM with CAD software AutoDesk-Inventor in different postures. The results are that unlike the Ordinary-joint and the Hooke-joint the Omni-Joint has; no singularities, continues range of field of motion, simple one to one kinematics.


Robotics, Control & Smart Systems Program

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MS in Robotics, Control and Smart Systems

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February 2019

First Advisor

Aly, Mohamed Fawzy

Committee Member 1

Younan, Maher

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Megahed, Saied


131 p.

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Master's Thesis


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I would like to thank; my Parents for supporting my ingenuity, my Wife for standing by my side during hard times, my Daughter for being the joy of my life, my friend Ayman for being there at the beginning working on the Omni-Joint, my closest friend Al-Moatasem for his devotion to help me whenever I need, Dr. Ahmed Hussien (ASU) for his advice that gave me a spark to move to my goal, Dr. Fouad Murad and Mrs. Viviane Zaccour for believing in me and my invention (Omni-Joint),, Dr. Maher Younan and Dr. Adel Elsabbagh (ASU) for giving me the chance to start my academic work, Dr. Maki Habib for encouraging a free choice of fields of research, and Dr. Mohamed Fawzy Aly for his supervision support and encouragement that I needed.